Martin Fireproofing


"C'mon" Children's Museum

Project Location:

Naples, FL



Burke, Hogue & Mills Associates, Inc.

Lake Mary, FL

Metal Deck and Roof System:


Building Information:

The building team provided Golisano Children's Museum with a 30,000 sq. ft. home featuring unique aesthetics for a sensational family experience. The roof is a focal point of the exterior and is intended to give a ship inspired feel upon arrival. The open and spacious interior provides plenty of room for the inspiring children’s exhibit, yet, comfortable for the whole family to enjoy.


The unique ability of this roofing envelope to conform with the roof's curved nature allowed the building team to bring the vision to life.


Performance and Protection

With the roof asthetics taken care of, the remaining concerns were protecting the Golisano's valuable contents, as well as, providing an energy and acoustically efficient finished product.


The Perform-A-Deck™DTA / Series 300™ metal deck and roof system exceeds Florida Building Code hurricane requirements for the Southwest Florida region and has the distinction of being classified as “near-absolute protection”. The complete system is backed by a powerful 20 year performance warranty. The roof system's 6.2" Perform-A-Deck™ DTA component offers over a 30-R insulating value which accounts for an energy efficient roof and additional interior comfort. The acoustical component of the metal DTA deck profile (NRC value 1.0) reduces the noise level significantly making a visit to Galisano even more pleasurable.


Series 300 is a registered trademark of IMETCO.

Perform-A-Deck is a trademark of Martin Fireproofing.

Golisano "C'mon" Children's Museum

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