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Superior Quality. Aesthetic Excellence.

Perform-A-Deck creates a pleasing environment with a spacious appeal, excellent sound absorption, structural integrity and high insulation values. Only Martin Fireproofing combines all of these features along with superior waterproofing protection backed by the best warranty in the industry.


• Maximum energy efficiency

• Optimum acoustical values

• Excellent waterproofing protection

• UL Fire-Rated designs

• Sturdy nailing surfaces

• 10-Year Performance Warranty

• Optional nailable surfaces available

• Best Diaphragm Ratings, Load Rates, & R-values

• FEMA 361


Acoustical systems are designed to provide up to 1.15 NRC values within an insulated and Fire-Rated system.


Fire-Rated systems offer a wide range utilizing a 5/8” Type-X gypsum board over the steel section, Our systems meet or exceed many of the U.L. hourly rated test requirements.


Insulated systems designed to for maximum energy savings with R-Values up to 36.95 . Various types of insulation are available including expanded polystyrene and polyisocyanurate.

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